Council Again Votes to Give Taxes to Charities

In a repeat of the decision last year, the new City Council again voted to give away $100,000/year in tax monies to local charities.  Although this year’s proposal took away much of the mayor’s power, the vote was split with the newly elected reformers voting against the measure which passed on a narrow 6-5 vote.  To make the proposal more palpable to the reformers, the evaluation committee will not be selected by the mayor but rather will consist of two Council officers (Johnson and Shakti), three members of the ACIC (Advisory Commission for an Inclusive Community), and two members from the Lakewood Legacy.  The debate was a repeat of last year with the proponents arguing charities are good for the community and will spend the money wisely.  The reformers again opposed giving tax dollars to charities on the principle that charity is a personal matter rather than a government function.

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