Adam Paul Contributions from Developers

A review of the recent campaign finance disclosure reports indicate that the Adam Paul campaign will be the most expensive campaign in Lakewood history.  As expected the Adam Paul campaign is receiving a ton of money from the special interests who want to continue to have their access to the mayor’s office and the City largess.  In addition to the usual labor unions, realtors, lawyers and lobbyists there a lot of donations associated with development.  This is appropriate since the main issue is the out-of-control growth of the last couple years and now the purchase of the Denver Federal Center site.  The reports are difficult to fathom because most donations are made by individuals.  One has to do further research to discover what interests these people are associated with.  Therefore our investigation is naturally going to be incomplete here are a few of the contributions that appear to be associated with development interests.


Metro Housing Coaltion (developers trade group)            $5,000

Apartment Association                                                      $1,000

John Mullins                                                                        $1,000

Jerry Natividad                                                                    $1,000

Bush Development                                                              $1,000

5280 Small Donor Committee (realtors)                                 750

Cardel Homes (Solterra developer)                                        500

John Moore, (Martin & Martin)                                               500

Daniel Miceli (Antero Resources)                                          700

Laramie Company                                                                   500

John McLain (Baseline Corp.)                                                500

Wildridge Capital Management                                              500

CO Association of Mechanical Contractors                          500

Marcus Pachner (Pachner Company)                                    500

Walter Koelbel (Koelbel & Co. developer)                             300

Mile High Development (Greg Thorn)                                    250

Brookfield Residential                                                           100

Daryl Propp (Propp Realty)                                                    250

JE Dunn Construction                                                            250

Ted Leighty (CO Assoc. of Realtors)                                     250

Ken Witherly (Condor Consulting geophysics)              traffic jam 250

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