Adam Paul Flouts City’s Campaign Sign Rules

Breaking Lakewood Campaign Rules

As the establishment candidate for mayor, Adam Paul tries to portray himself as a player by the rules and his opposition as renegades.  However when it comes to campaign signs, turns out Adam is not playing by the rules he swore to uphold.   When he declared his candidacy Adam signed an affidavit that he understood the campaign rules and would follow them.  It appears the temptation of having more money than God got the better of him.  Since he has lots of campaign cash from his special interests donors, he figures he can buy lots of signs and win the critical name recognition battle.  This has evidently included buying the biggest and largest campaign signs in Lakewood history.  The only problem with his plan is the city has size limits on campaign signs.  The rules as listed on the city’s website clearly state campaign signs can NOT exceed eight square feet.  The signs Adam put up at Front Range Lumber on Wadsworth and Texaco Lube on Jewell & Union are two or three times the eight square foot limit.  So the question arises – (1) did Adam and his campaign of high-paid consultants not know the rules or (2) did they decide not to abide by them.  If he didn’t know the rules then that brings into question Adam’s assertion he is the most knowledgeable candidate.  If he did know what he was doing and did it anyway then we have to wonder what he would do if he was elected and ran into other rules that are inconvenient for him.



Adam Paul’s illegally large campaign sign next to Roybal’s legal sign at Front Range Lumber on Wadsworth.

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