Lawsuit Against GM Water Dismissed

As part of the developers’ strategy to force Green Mountain Water & Sewer District to support their plan to create a sewer-provider business for the Rooney Valley developers they are harassing Green Mountain with lawsuits that force the district to spend money on attorneys’ fees.

One of these lawsuits entailed Three Dinos suing Green Mountain to obtain information and attorneys’ fees under the Colorado Freedom of Information Act (CORA).

The information was actually provided once problems with the former manager were resolved and before the lawsuit was filed by The Three Dinos.

But they failed to follow the rules. Jo Timmins, Green Mountain’s legal counsel, filed a motion to dismiss. In a comprehensive 7 page decision the Court granted Green Mountain’s motion to dismiss the Three Dinos lawsuit.

Green Mountain Water could ask the Court to award it attorneys’ fees from the Three Dinos.

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