Taxes Used to Fund Anti-200 Campaign?

The half-million-dollar PR campaign the establishment wagged against the citizens’ slower-growth initiative (Question 200) may have included funds from the taxpayers. In addition to all the politicians opposing the citizens and the outside special interests funding the six anti-200 issue committees, several quasi-governmental groups leaped on the bandwagon.

Among the special interest groups was the Jeffco Economic Development Corp. which is a private-public partnership between local governments and local businesses. The City of Lakewood contributes $20,000 per year of taxpayer funds (over $218,000 over ten years) to the group as “membership dues”.

The Jeffco Economic Development Corp. donated $11,300 to an anti-200 campaign committee called “Lakewood Consequences”. This political group also received support from the West Chamber of Commerce which housed the group in their offices. The West Chamber receives $10,000 per year from the City of Lakewood in “membership dues”.

A government entity supported by taxpayers, the West Metro Fire District, supported the anti-200 effort and had their Fire Chief personally endorse the opposition. In addition, a city employee group (FOP) endorsed the opposition.

Also weighing in against the citizens’ initiative were several civic/business groups which receive support from the City including the West Colfax Community Alliance, Alameda Corridor Business Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, Union Corridor Professionals.


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